“Do you own a funeral home or are you at odds wondering how to market your funeral home?”

Marketing a funeral home is a delicate process and you cannot opt for the traditional marketing route like other businesses. Most of the businesses that reach you are made through referrals from friends and family. However you cannot just stick with this type of business as it is highly unpredictable and variable.

It is estimated that nearly 80-90% percent of people who require the services of a funeral home look up online. This number is further estimated to grow in the coming years. Hence it becomes highly imperative for your business to be found online just like any other business. Just because your business doesn’t require marketing like traditional businesses doesn’t mean that you don’t require SEO. It is highly essential that your website remains visible so that customers can reach out to you quickly in times of need.

However it is also to be mentioned that not all marketing strategies work for your business as your business is highly unique and requires a different set of expertise. We at Del Val SEO understand this process as we have successfully deployed SEO strategies for several Funeral Homes all over the country.

Why Should You Do SEO For Funeral Homes?


If you are a funeral home owner, chances are high that you already have created and designed a website for your business. But if your website doesn’t rank in the top results of the three popular search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing, then you are not doing it right. If your business is not visible to potential customers then you are not attracting new customers and losing valuable business to your competitors.

Better Reach

The generation of today is no longer depending on yellow page listings or phone directories to reach you. Even if you advertise in the classifieds section of your local newspapers people are sure to look you up online before contacting you. They would like to have an idea of all the services you offer. People turn to the internet to show them their options and now you are at a serious disadvantage if you do not have a Search Engine Optimized website. You not only have to compete with local competitors but also national competitors.

Edging Out Competition

All your competitors may not even have the required level of expertise that you have to offer your potential clients. They may be just smart enough to use the power of Search Engines to give them the edge.


Capture the Local Market

In addition, funeral home business is highly localized. Most customers search for the right funeral home that is located geographically near to them. Hence it becomes imperative that you choose the Right SEO Firm for your Funeral Home.These are the main reasons why you should choose Del Val SEO for your funeral home. We are experienced and have thorough knowledge of your business and we are here to give you the edge over your competitors.

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Reasons To Choose DelVal SEO


At Del Val SEO we promised ourselves never to compromise quantity over quality. At any time, we do not take on a huge number of projects. This helps us to provide you with an exceptional customer service that you will not find anywhere else.


Right from analyzing your website if you already have one or building a new one for you, to reaching out to customers on social media we are here for you all along the way. You can reach us anytime throughout the project and we promise to solve your queries at the earliest.


We provide you with a one person contact so that reaching us is kept simple and hassle free for you.


With years of experience building SEO for funeral homes, we target the right keywords and ensure that your search engine results are on the increase right from the beginning phase of the project.


We ensure that we cover all the bases in digital media marketing like social media marketing, email marketing and blog posts that help you reach out to new customers.


We focus on that unique aspect that differentiates your business from all your other competitors. We aim to highlight this feature to your customers so that it leads to higher conversion rates.


Trust is a very important factor and this is what helps you to retain your existing customers and bring in new customers. We strive to build a solid relationship with your clientele and help to project your brand image.

Road Map For SEO For Funeral Homes At Del Val SEO


Relevant and Updated Content

We believe that content is king so we focus on optimizing the content on your website. We offer relevant content with the right balance of keywords to improve your page rankings. We also help you with blogs that provide relevant information to your targeted audience and help you to achieve higher conversion rates.


User Friendly Sites

We aim at providing you clean, clutter free sites that attract visitors to your page and helps them find the relevant information quickly. Our team of web design experts gives an updated look to your web pages and optimizes the performance of your site across all devices.


Local SEO

People searching for a funeral home almost always do a local search. That is they search for the words “Funeral Homes” followed by the town or city where they are searching for. So we make sure that we incorporate organic Local SEO strategies when we do SEO for you.


Social Media Marketing

Social Media is the new word of mouth and more and more customers are choosing a service based on referrals or recommendations from someone they know. Social Media is a powerful tool for marketing that when handled carefully makes your business but if not handled properly can even break your business. We ensure that you reach your target customers favorably in all the popular social media networking sites.


Relationship Building & Online Reputation Management

It is not that SEO ends with attracting new customers. We at Del Val SEO ensure that you retain your existing customers so that they become your life-long customers. We help you build a long relationship with your customers based on trust and reputation. We also target on your online reputation management and build your brand value.

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